In the world of anagrams….

Variety theatre: every hit a treat.

There is always collective Celtic love.

There’s a chronic pub life in the Republic of China

Hope merits the promise.

Should idealistic be italicised?

Is there a dissenter amongst the residents?

What is the rationale for an alienator?

He can’t tell his bowel from his elbow.

Could a Vatican elder be the Devil incarnate?

Eating tagine with arrogant tarragon

If I fall out I’ll flail

It was a title deed, otherwise I’d have deleted it

For some, the law creates wealth

Mrs Beach lived in chambers

Wherever he looked he saw knees and that was his weakness

One isn’t, alas, sensational

Morse code is some credo, huh?

A tender name can be an endearment

Scotland Yard is nothing but a dastardly con

Twelve plus one? Eleven plus two

Aren’t lemons solemn?

A looped poodle presents pertness

Ghouls live in Slough

Surprisingly Puritans work with Rasputin

My cares scare me

A predator would make a tear drop

I’ll be alert later

Carthorses ought not to belong in orchestras

A solar panel is all a person needs.

Rice soup is precious

Tiredness affects residents