I am a writer in search of an audience. And in search of an agent and a publisher too, that’d be nice. I’ve the manuscript of a novel out there looking for attention.

Two of my short stories have been published on East of the Web: TO BE WITH YOU AGAIN and THREE SECONDS TO MIDNIGHT

TO BE WITH YOU AGAIN was also a finalist in the Wild Atlantic Writing Awards in spring 2021

Short Stories: To Be With You Again by Maria de Luca (eastoftheweb.com)

Short Stories: Three Seconds To Midnight by Maria de Luca (eastoftheweb.com)

A short film from a screenplay of mine: SMART TV can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/71086248. It was selected for Raindance 2014 and shown as part of the festival.

I earn my living in theatre as a Deputy Stage Manager (working alongside the director and cast in rehearsals, and cueing the technical elements in performance). I love my job but I love writing even more.

Instagram @mariapatriciadeluca